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Инструментал. Инструменталот е граматички падеж што се користи за посочување дека именката е инструмент или средство од или со кое субјектот Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs.

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InstruMENTAL band. July 20 at AM ·. Друштво на 23 Јули (Петок) за прв пат се гледаме во @flash_cafe_club Демир Хисар! Повелете! 😊. Society of July 23 (Friday) for the first time see you at Demir Hisar! Here you go! 😊. Translated.

Stream Приятелство - Инструментал - музика Маргарита Шоселова by Kinche Yonkova on desktop and mobile. Play over million tracks for free on SoundCloud.

Ancient Greek. The functions of the Proto-Indo-European instrumental case were taken over by the dative, so that the Greek dative has functions belonging to the Proto-Indo-European dative, instrumental, and locative. This is the case with the bare dative, and the dative with the preposition σύν sýn "with". It is possible, however, that Mycenean Greek had the instrumental case, which was.

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